Our Creed
The Spirit of Eagles

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OUR GOAL - To experience self-esteem through serving others in a place where the truth can be told. Work is more than a place to make a living, work is an opportunity to make a life.

INTEGRITY - We tell the truth. We keep agreements. We are on time. Our word is bond.

LOYALTY - We support company policies and stand up for one another and our company.

EXCELLENCE - Mediocrity is self-inflicted, genius self-bestowed. Excellence is our way of life. Every task in every part of our business is performed in a superior manner and to the best of our ability. Nothing is left to chance in our pursuit of excellence.

PRINCIPLE ABOVE PERSONALITY - Our policies are applied impartially and consistently.

QUALITY - Quality is remembered long after price is forgotten. We seek quality-oriented customers and deliver quality products.

COMMUNICATION - We advise our customer what to expect in advance to protect him from surprise. We initiate communication to keep customers informed of progress and determine that they are satisfied after delivery. Breakdown in communication has destroyed more relationships than any other thing. It has destroyed marriages, nations and can destroy a business. The essence of communication is intention. Each of is 100% responsible for the clarity of any communication in which we are involved, regardless of whether it is initiated or received by us.

KEEP IT SIMPLE - Our systems and procedures are as simple as is consistent with sound organization and are reviewed regularly to eliminate non-essentials.

INNOVATE - Our policies cannot remain static if we are to move ahead. We willingly take calculated risks to pioneer and innovate.

SUGGESTIONS - Creative thinking from all levels within the company is essential to innovation and progress. We promote the freedom to speak one's mind to management on any subject concerning the company's welfare. There is no job that cannot be done better, and we do our best for ourselves and our company by seeking that better way. We provide to those reporting to us the recognition that is needed to encourage their creativity.

COMPLAINTS - We refrain from dumping our complaints on to one another, communicating constructive criticism and suggestions only to someone in a position of authority.

STABILITY - Changes and plans for their implementation are thought through carefully in advance and introduced at a rate that will not endanger the stability of the organization.

GOALS - Intentions clearly defined create their desired result spontaneously. We clearly define and reduce to writing the personal and professional objectives required to achieve our goals. We review our objectives frequently to keep our priorities in order. Results measured by progress toward our objectives are all that each of us is paid for.

FACE PROBLEMS UP FRONT - We think ahead to anticipate and prevent problems. If they occur, we face them immediately with courage and initiative to solve them. When we are unable to find the answers, we seek help from our superiors promptly.

LIVE AND LET LIVE - We live by the Golden Rule. We listen to others to understand their points of view, even when we consider them wrong or inconsiderate. We accept decisions from management, from arbitration or from life itself with good grace. We cultivate good dispositions and patience, willingly giving that extra minute to help someone else. We comment on our competitors favorably or say nothing, actively cultivating good relationships with them.

MANAGEMENT BY OBJECTIVE AND PARTICIPATION - Management is the art of getting things done through the creative participation of others. Managers communicate company goals to all concerned, participate with the individual in establishing measurable objectives for the major areas of the individual's responsibility, provide periodic feedback on progress toward these targets, review progress with the individual regularly to encourage and assist him to achieve his goals.

A HAPPY SHIP - We experience happiness and maximum effectiveness by becoming fit physically, mentally and spiritually.

A CLEAN SHIP - We reflect our self-esteem by being well dressed and groomed. Our work areas are clean, orderly and in good repair.

A TIGHT SHIP - We strive for economy in the operation of our business, driving good but fair bargains. We explain our collection policies to customers in advance, bill promptly, collect vigorously, pay bills when due, conserve our resources, and enjoy the highest reputation for financial responsibility.

ATTITUDE - A positive attitude solves problems and conversely, a negative attitude creates them. A positive enthusiastic attitude is a prime requisite for membership in our crew.

REPUTATION - We screen and thoroughly check character references prior to employment. The reputation of our company is the total measure of the character of each of us.

PERSISTENCE - "Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence. Talent will not. Nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not. The world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent." Our inner strength to PRESS ON, stems from faith.

THE SPIRIT OF EAGLES - We look for the good in ourselves and others. If we treat people as if they were what they should be, we make them what they can be. Transformation toward our inherent perfection is the proper condition of mankind. The principles we have set forth are guides to progress. We cultivate an eager and lasting attitude towards self-improvement. To soar to the height of eagles is to find a place where few go and only the best can reach.


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