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At Richard Bertram Yachts, we have sold more new and used BERTRAM's than anyone else in the world. By a wide margin! The reason is simple. No one else in the business knows the BERTRAM market better than we do. Our product knowledge is very comprehensive from and early 60's 31 BERTRAM through the BERTRAM 80. You will want to buy, or list your BERTRAM from people that have been working with the BERTRAM product for decades. We are the BERTRAM experts.


The boat that started it all.

Bertram Yacht got its start in 1960 when founder Dick Bertram-yacht broker, bluewater sailing-yacht racer, and powerboat racer-built the first Bertram, the 31-foot Glass Moppie. Built from a plug made from the original prototypel that smashed records in the 1960 Miami to Nassau Ocean Power Boat Race, the Bertram 31 launched a line of performance and sportfishing boats ranging up to 80 feet long that would be known for their excellent ride and seakeeping in unforgiving conditions. The company and its legend grew, thanks to many noteworthy models, including the Bertram 28, 46, and 54, that made their mark on the fishing world.